How to manage Widgets on Android Smartphone or Tablets Homescreen

Managing Widgets on your Android Homescreen

android-homescreenIf you were not living under the rocks for a while, then you may be knowing that Widgets in Android devices are small web apps which are mainly used to recover & display some information from internet. They can be used to show certain favorite web pages so that you can directly browse the page by clicking its widget. Moreover with the release of Honeycomb version of Android, Widgets have got a whole new outlook altogether. Now with Widgets like Gmail Widget & Youtube Widget in Honeycomb’s homescreen, you can actually peruse the inbox & flip through the videos like cards respectively. So it’s the prime necessity of the hour that you should have the basic knowledge of adding Widgets on your Android device’s homescreen. Infact it is quite simple, you have to just follow the steps given below & you can easily add any widget to your homescreen.

Step 1
At first you have to be at the home screen. If you are not at the home screen just press the home key, wherever you are, pressing the key would take you to the home screen.

Step 2
Now you have to make sure that there is enough space in the homescreen for your new Widget.

Step 3
Now you have enough space in the homescreen, choose an empty space & tap the home screen till the menu appears or you can press the menu button & click the “ADD” button which now you can see on the screen.

Step 4
As you have clicked the “ADD” button, you can see a pop up menu appearing on the screen tagged as “Add To Homescreen”. Now you have to tap the menu item tagged as “Widgets”.

Step 5
Now that you have taped the menu item tagged as “Widgets”, you would be shown the list of widgets you can add on to your home screen, select the widget you want on your homescreen.

Step 6
Now you have to click those selected Widgets, so that you would be getting them added on your home screen.

Step 7
Now that you have added your Widget, press the home key. Now you would see your selected widget on the home screen.

Step 8
Now to relocate it to your desired position just tap the widget scroll your finger downward & take the widget to the position you want it to be.

It was simple isn’t it? But there can be times that you would no longer need any widget or you want space for a new widget. In that case you have to delete any existing widget. Now to delete an existing widget just follow the simple steps given below.

Just tap the Widget you want to remove & scroll your finger downwards. You can well see the thrash can icon on the slider.

Step 2
Scroll the Widget to the thrash can so that both turn red.

Step 3
Now you can remove your finger. You have thus successfully deleted you widget.
This was easier than adding. But one great advantage is that even if you delete it from home screen you can always avail it from the list of Widgets. So try to create as much widgets & enjoy the Android experience to the fullest!!!

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