How to Manage the APK files on your Android Device

install_apk_filesMaturity comes with experience & over ages. The best example for this is Android, the operating system which started with Android 1.1 which just allowed us to make certain application process interface changes & some layout changes has now evolved a lot to include novel features like near field communication support, tethering etc. It has greatly matured over the ages. Now almost all the handset manufacturers have started using Android as their operating system because of its open process outsourcing & being fully customizable. So it is the exigency of the present time that you should be aware of the basic functionalities of Android. One of the basic functionality which Android provides you with is Android Package files or APK. Android being a newbie in the market, it still lacks a really strong & organized software structure. So for some complex situations it poses a nightmare to the Android users like installing third party applications. So keeping this in view I don’t want you to get entangled in these complexities. Here we can discuss how you can install the Android Package files or APK so that the third party applications never pose a nightmare to you. Here I will tell you about two methods of installing APK files. In the first method I will tell you how to directly install it from Android market & in the second method how to install it from Android SDK program.

Installing APK files from Android Market

You just have to follow four simple steps to directly install APK files from Android market.
First of all you have to copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and then you have to install this memory card into your phone.

Step 2
Now download and set up the Apps Installer app from the Android Market.
Once you have set up the Apps Installer. It will display you the APK files you have installed on the memory card.

Now you have to just click & install the APK. Now you can enjoy the third party applications to the fullest.
Installing APK files from Android SDK
Now you have to follow just 4  simple steps to install APK files from Android SDK program.
First of all download and set up the Google Android SDK program & the Android USB drivers. The download links are as given below:

Now you have to change your Android settings by selecting “Application settings” under “settings” & then enable “Unknown sources”.
One more thing you have to do is selecting “SD Card” & “Phone storage” & select “Disable Use for USB Storage

Now you have to start command prompt & type: adb install <x>/<y>.apk where <x> represents the path to your APK file & <y> represents the name of your APK file. Thus you have successfully completed your APK installing.

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