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Today Android smart phones have become first choice for its customers. People are simply fascinated about their gadgets and love fondling with it. Earlier the luxuries of smart phones were only available with iphones, but now we got an option of getting them at much cheaper rates. What makes it out of the box is the wonderful widget that enables to work instantly on the application you like. Fascinatingly there is a fair list of awesomely designed widgets namely music widgets, weather widgets, games widgets and many more. However, beside everything, most of the beginners while using widgets get confused. Oops! Don’t worry. Let us know what widget is all about. Widgets are the small pockets like icon, which appear on the home screen of any Android handsets or tablets. Once you press them firmly, you can pull out a lot application from those pockets. Amazingly widgets are smoothest and fun loving app that gives you the hassle free experience while using them.

Here are the top 25 Android Widgets for the Smart phones and Tablets:

1. Sound hound :

Sound hound is the loveliest widgets for the music lovers. It connects around millions of music fans and is one of the fastest music finders across the world. You can find your favorite and original music in the real essence and enjoy them irresistibly.


2. Swift x keyboard :

2. Swift x keyboard: Most of the people find typing a little messy on the small screens and hence, land themselves in creating a bad text due to inaccurate spacing between the words and sometimes spelling mistakes. Swift x board helps you to resolve this matter
quickly. It is an excellent widget and has won accolades like Webby Awards People’s Innovation for the year 2012, Mobile World Congress Award for Best Innovation for the 2012, and has earned the text “The World’s Best Touch Screen Keyboard for Android”.

The best part of this technology is that it understands the grammatical sense and often let you know about the inappropriate sentence structure. With its smooth typing it gives you the idea about next word you are going to type. In this way it makes your work impressive as well as get it rapidly done.


3. Barcode Scanner :

Barcode Scanner widget runs seamlessly while scanning the bar code of mobile phones and tablets. Once you focus on your camera along with the barcode scanner, it’s going to have the lion’s share of the barcode. It scans data matrix, containing URL codes, and contact info quite precisely even the crap cameras.

barcode-scanner-app4. Air Penguin

If you are crazy about visiting Antarctica and having fun with penguins, well you can make them fly and jump. Who said penguins can’t fly? You simply prove them wrong by a slight tilt and your penguins will fly high in the cool breeze of Antarctica. I bet it’s really going to be addictive fun and you can make your penguin flip and fly whenever you want.

penguin-fly-widget5. MX video player :

the MX video player is absolutely something to fall in love with. It is pretty easy to install and use this widget in any of the android mobile phones. What makes it more impressive is that users can easily watch online streaming videos, TV and favorite movies either. The users’ report card says that people have been this widget for months and amazingly did not find any while working with.

mx-video-player6. Advanced task killer :

It is a pretty good option to get this widget customized on your screen. You can both highlight the tasks that come to you as a priority or even ignore the unnecessary app that you hardly use it over your phone.

advance-task-killer7. Dolphin Broswer :

mobile phones and tablets. Dolphin browser is a superb search engine that functions smoothly and is faster than any other web browsers. The current history says that it is the best browser in the Android market, which enables its user to download more than 10,000,000 total downloads. This is a reason that it stands on the second rank on CNET’s on top 100 Android widget apps. The history does not stop here as it also stands first with PC Mag’s “the forty best apps for the year 2011”. Apart from this, this exclusively built web browser has HD technology ensuring more fun while surfing on internet. Its elegant
and users’ friendly applications is easy to select and surf.

dolphin-browser-hd8. You tube :

If you love watching videos and other images, you tube is a hub of such things. By downloading this outstanding widget on your mobile you can enjoy the non-stop fun anywhere you want.

youtube-widget9. Photo wrap :

this is one the funniest widget in Android mobile world. Transform your elegant smile into gigantic expression simply by clicking your images and melting it down in the several shapes. It’s a fun to see you, family and friends in this app and make them amused by making to see this.

photo-wrap-widget10. Cardiograph :

everybody is growing health sensitive these days, but somehow due to hectic schedule people are not able to spare time for the regular checkups. Cardiograph is an amazing android widget that reports the instant cardiac health. You can record your own heart beat and determine how healthy your heart is. It is never been so easy to know your heart’s health so precisely and quickly on the mobile handsets. Moreover the representation of the entire thing is extremely beautiful with easy visual interface.

cardiograph-app11. Google sky Map :

I bet after installing this widget you would only say one thing that is wow! It shows the entire nightscape and who knows behind beautiful stars you may see some wonderful planets. To explore the mystery is fun and only Google sky map Android widget that can give you such pleasure.

google-skymap12. Pandora internet Radio :

Pandora is a fascinating musical radio station that embodies distinguished features. It is a sort of personalized radio widget that fairly enables you to control things and exclude what you dislike. Pandora is good at finding your favorite singers, music and comedians. Hence, you can eliminate everything that is intrusive and non-happening while listening to music or enjoying jokes.

pandora-radio13. Aldiko Book Reader :

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the leading e-book readers available with android widget. Due to the increasing passion for e-books, many of the Android phones and gadgets are already pre-installed with the same. The features of Aldiko Book Reader is even beyond kindle and around 7+ million people across two hundred countries are using it without any complaints.

aldiko-book-reader14. Color Note :

Designed with simplicity, color note is a fabulous Android widget that you can install and use. By using color note you can immediately jot down anything that pops out from your head on the colorful apparel note. You can create email, messages, to-do list and documents without actually seeking for the note pad.

color-note-app15. Adobe Photoshop express :

for photographers Adobe Photoshop express leaves to nothing to desire about. You can share your snaps with special effect anywhere and everywhere you like. With the tinge of creative flair you can rotate, flip, adjust color and make the picture look quite special and different.


16. Android Zip file Manager :

Android Zip file Manager is a good work produced by techies recently. It is helps you to manage with several apps like Copy, Search, Arranging files, picture and music. It works like win zip that compresses everything in one file. Android zip file manager is efficient app since is supports five million downloads along with ZIP encrypted RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2 and ZIP. What makes it a leading widget
among the android widget is that you can transfer long files via email and access to function on Android mobiles and tablets.

android-zip-file-manager17. Sound meter :

Sound meter is an affective widget for those people who spend their most of the time near traffic areas, construction sites and airport. Sound meter measures the frequency of sound in decibels and give you the comparative analysis of environmental sound with the mobile phone. The technical features of this widget includes, the combination of sound meter and vibrometer, static menu, meanwhile you can save the app. The users also get the notifications, line chat duration and many more.

sound-meter18. Mood scanner :

it is one of the coolest Android widget ever discovered. Interestingly just by pressing your thumb and you can scan your own level of happiness. It is a great fun to use this widget on your android because it determines the happiness is your family and friends.

mood-scanner19. Documents to go :

even though people are replacing the PC and laptops with their Android phones and tablets, they feel quite uncomfortable in managing with the Microsoft office. Documents to go is an official widget that supports various kinds of files like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, and pptx. It works flawlessly while viewing the data on google doc and the PDF files. Documents to go takes care of the several formatting
features like italising the words, end notes, word counts etc. altogether it has more than 111 features that help you to create the perfect document even when you are travelling.

documents-to-go20. Brain Age test free :

you must be having a very sharp and smart brain. Isn’t it? Let us check how brilliant you are. Brain Age test free is packed with entertainment and yes it is good at finding out the age of your brain, but how does it do that. Simply by making you play certain games it analyses your short-term memory and its exact age. It is a perfect time killer that tries to retain the younger brain.

brain-age-test-free21. Dropbox :

we all are very crazy about social networking sites. A few of us spend our time just to have fun and chat with our family and friends, while some of the big corporate goons are invest their time in building up their business. Be it your any ulterior motive, Dropbox widget is an amazingly works while sharing videos, photos, documents anywhere round the corner. No matter where you go or accidently misplace your gadget somewhere, your documents are safe at the Drop box.





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