Top 10 Widgets for Android Phones

Android widgets are some of the best possible additions in Android phone . The widgets available provide classy look and are known for making a lot of things easily accessible to users. There are several apps from different areas that can be added to Smartphone or tablets. The presence of best apps provides a unique theme to the android device. All these things make the best android widgets a desirable choice among users. Information about some of the best apps is present here.

1. WP clock

wp-clockSmartphone or tablet users like to have an access to information like date, time, battery life and many more right from their home screen. So, WP clock is wallpaper that is designed in a unique way so as to include all desired information by users. Here, information line current date, time, day, WiFi SSID, battery status and many more are made available in the form of wallpaper in a stylish way. Background slideshows are also made available here. It is a smart way to keep information on the home screen without destroying its looks.

2. Life contacts beta

life-contactsThis android widget can be used for making fast access to contacts. Here, users can have the pictures of most regularly used contacts, and have an access to all the related information by just a tap. Even if users do not have pictures of their friends, this app allows one to have the pictures from social networking site like facebook.

3. Chrome Beta


When people like to have chrome on their PCs, the chances of desire for having it in Smartphone is high as well. Extremely fast and simple are a couple of words that best describe this application. Every option like fast browsing, zooming, scrolling and more are made available in this app. It is the best media to utilise internet availability in tablet as well as Smartphone. Similar to the chrome used in PCs, you can have the very useful option of multiple tabs here as well. Bookmarking the liked page, private browsing and many more are also included in the features available here that makes it a great android app.

4. Pulse News

Accessing news updates is made much easier by the presence of this app. Any website can be visited and its content can be saved for reference. It keeps all content in a single place that naturally makes it user-friendly. The summaries of articles are also made available to users. Just a single tap can do a lot of tasks here.

5.Gemini Calendar

gemini-calendarThis calendar widget brings some of the best features available in this sphere. Appointments or events can be added to this calendar by voice. The presence of voice recognition facility enables users to do their tasks easily and have fun. Stored vents can be browsed within seconds that shows fast completion of every task. The option of event repetition is also present here that makes it perfect.

6. Make Your Clock Widget Beta

make-your-clock-widgetThis application helps home screen modders in creating different types of clock widget using various layouts. Several options like text based clock, including weather info and many more are available in this app that users can use according to their choice and style.

7. ColorNote Notepad Notes


This is a notepad that allows users to include data and organise them by colour. This helps users in having a completely new experience of using notes. This app is available free of cost that encourage users to install this in tablets and Smartphones.

8. Movie by Flixster

Movie-by-FlixsterFor the movie maniacs, this app serves the purpose in a grand way. Information about latest release, trailers, reviews and many more are provided for easy accessibility of users. Critics’ reviews and ratings can also be found out with the help of this application that shows its perfection. Details and maps about the theatres nearby along with movies and show timings can be checked out with the help of this app.

9. WidgetLocker Lockscreen

WidgetLocker-LockscreenWith this app, the lock screen can also be customized. Everything including its looks, layout, theme, colour and many more can be changed and set according to the choice of users. Here, some specific tasks such making a call to a friend, starting the music player and more can be done by using slide actions. Grid and widget sizes can also be managed here that makes this app even more likable among users. Finally, this can be installed at a price of Rs.148.90 only.

10. Car Widget

Car-WidgetThe usage of features or applications in phone while driving is made easier by the presence of this app. Customization options are available in plenty here. In the presence of this widget, users can choose skins and colours of their choice and have convenient access to a number of applications present in a Smartphone, as one widget allows users to have six shortcuts.

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