5 Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Android’s Capabilities

android-widgetAndroid is arguably one of the most powerful smartphones available on the market, with a myriad of different devices running this operating system from Google. As the smartphone wars heat up, phone manufacturers are constantly releasing updated versions of their most popular phones. As more customers migrate to Android-based smartphones, it is important to learn how
to best use these devices to their full potential. The following 5 tips will allow you to easily take advantage of all that your device has to offer.

1. Take Advantage of Widgets
Widgets are a perfect answer to the crowded spaces so many have on their home screens. Instead of filling this limited space with hundreds of different icons, why not use widgets? These small programs get to work directly on the home screen, providing the user with useful information without needing to open an application. To add a widget to your home screen, press your finger
on an empty space and select “Widgets” from the pop up menu that opens. You can find plenty of options to consider in the Android Market, with widgets available for many of the most popular mobile applications.

2. Add Shortcuts for Your Favorite Contacts
Do you constantly find yourself calling or texting the same person? If so, why bother searching through your contacts list for that person’s name, every time you want to make contact with them? Instead, you can easily add a shortcut for texting or calling your favorite people that will be added to the home screen. Simply hold your finger on an empty space on the home screen and click “Shortcuts” on the following pop up menu. Then choose either “Direct Dial” or Direct Message,” depending on what sort of shortcut you would like to create.

3. Use Your Android as an External Hard Drive
If you constantly find yourself emailing files back and forth or need an easy way to share large documents with others, why not use your Android as an external hard drive? When your Android is plugged into your computer, simply navigate to the “USB Connected” option. Answer the
prompt and mount your phone. This will allow all of the files on the Android device to be exchanged interchangeably with your computer.

4. Send Free Texts with Google Voice
If you are a regular chatterbox and you have run out of text messages for the month, don’t despair! The free Google Voice app can be used to send and receive messages, all without paying a single penny. Everything is directly managed within the Google Voice app. You will likely want to change the settings controls to refresh on a frequent basis, or you could potentially
miss an important text message.

5. Use Your Own Music for Ringtones and Alerts
Tired of the same old sounds and music on your Android device? You can easily substitute new music selections for ringtones, alarms, and notifications by simply creating files for those functions on your memory card. You will then need to copy your MP3 files to their respective destinations. Finally, you when open up the settings controls, you should see your music listed
for potential notification noises.

Using an Android device can be a great way to stay productive and have a fun time doing so! Armed with these great tips, you can take advantage of all of the special features that your phone has to offer, truly making it indispensable for everyday activities. Of course, there is always more to learn on your Android device, so spend some time daily investigating your phone to learn more ways to enjoy your device.

An article is written by Kate Willer who likes social networks, google android, anti malware doctor and psychology.

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