Top 5 Android Apps To Manage Time

The android applications available today are known for providing all kinds of assistance to users.In this sphere, there are several applications that can be used for taking idea for effective time management. Time management is a skill that needs to be learnt at any cost. Taking help of options around is one of the solutions here and the android applications are the best of all. The apps available provide several tips to people for mastering the art of time management. The latest and most helpful ideas as well as information are provided here for the reference and convenience of people. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Astrid


This provides an option of To-Do List to users. People can use this app and plan their day. The presence of this application in android device is indeed a helpful option for every user. This allows users to prioritize tasks. This informs users about the deadlines and works just like a personal assistant. Special power packs can also be used for adding tasks using voice. This feature makes this
app completely realistic. With the help of Astrid, users can share tasks with friends. Here, it allows users to relax and does the job of reminding about the deadlines to everyone involved in the plan.Finally, this can be accessed free of cost that makes it ultimate.

2. Contact Lookup Pro

 Contact -Lookup -Pro-app

There are many users who waste time in searching names and numbers in contact lists. For avoiding wastage of time on such a task, contact lookup pro app is quite useful. With this, any contact can be accessed right from the home screen. It is an extended search option that allows users to extract information from any part of the contact list, SIP addresses, Gmail custom field and many more. This amazing app can be bought for a price of Rs. 117 only.

3. Myshiftwork


This app is specially designed for people who work in shifts. Many a times, people spend a lot of time by planning for vacations, important events and many such things. So, this app allows users to do things smartly and save time. Here, one can enter shifts on calendar. Shift rotation, sync with Google calendar, sending data about shifts to others are all part of this app. This can be installed by paying Rs. 149 only.

4. Cozi Family Organiser

 Cozi- Family -Organiser-app

When people spend time in maintaining organisers for family, this free app makes this task very easy. Any new appointment that is entered is added to the user’s Cozi account and allows everyone in family to get informed about it. Shared shopping list informs everyone in family about the requirements so that they can get items in time.

5. Documents To Go

 Documents -To- Go-app

People who work on files and documents regularly can be greatly helped by this app. All the files including word, excel, power point and many more can viewed here. It supports a large number of file formats that shows its versatility. Users can have this app in their Smartphones absolutely for free.

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