Google play replaces android market

Google play:

In response to the giant launch of the third generation iPad with astonishing features, Google give a fight back to the apple users by revamping its android eco system. Serving the android admirers with a new name, Google play replaces traditional android market with impeccable services. Unlike, android market (here now Google play) Google play just does not accommodate apps but gives the privilege of enjoying extra features like watching movies, book reading and lots more entertainment under a single roof.



So what makes Google play envy apple users? Google has been catering to different entertainment needs on various platforms via its digital media content. Reading books, downloading movies and syncing music form Google was always a fun. Google play retains the attraction by seamlessly integrating its multi-media services into one site which is not only confined to android devices but also available on the web.

The android devices would be automatically updated with the new service by a new icon. You can then login with your existing account and continue purchasing the apps like you would previously do. What makes the new store exiting is its cloud service (like iTunes for apple) which means that music, books and videos can be synced to multiple devices. Now you can read the story on your desktop from where you stopped on your android device. Or you can purchase an app from the web and automatically download it on your device. Start form where you stopped wherever whenever you want with its free clouding services.

Let’s see how Google play works:

Now it’s not just apps and games, the movies, books and music apps form Google are now play music, play movies and play books available in one market place.

Play music:

With choice of million songs, the music played by you is automatically saved in Google Play music library which can be later listened on your desktop, android phone and tablet. You can share your favorites instantly with your friends or save it to view offline.

Play movies:

The coolest feature of the store is that it lets you download and rent movies of any genre. The incredible collection consists of drama, romance, thriller, comedy and more to meet your mood requirements. Download it once to view offline or simply watch it later during your free time with Google Play Movies app on your phone or tablet.

Play Books:

Get the luxurious reading experience with the Google play books that lets you surf, purchase and choose over millions of ebooks and let you start sync it over multiple devices using cloud services. Start it on desktop, continue it on your phone and finish it on the tablet without leaving the story in middle way. Carry I you favorite author wherever you want and start reading it whenever you like.

To improve its connectivity and reliability Google recently updated its reviewing capabilities that let you view reviews for the apps, games, movies and music and filter them based on the same devices as used by you or by the newness of the app .




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