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samsung_galaxy_s_3Samsung Galaxy s 3 Review Price and Specifications

What made me give a second glance to Samsung s III was its worth reading caption “ Inspired by nature. Designed for humans”. This made me more enthusiasts towards the nature based model. I soon wanted to know what exactly in it is inspired by nature and made for humans. This boosted my eagerness to review the new launch to find does it really live up to its distinctive caption.

So, this made me share my thoughts on it so that you could decide whether you really are human to use it.( well I wonder, what who would not use it would be called aliens ?).

Let me first speak about its look and feel: (design)

The model is apparently longer than all the smartphones available in the market. ( or its previous model itself). So after the era of smartphones going slimmer and thinner, its now getting longer. With longer body, it’s sure to have a larger display( 4.8” amoled display) giving you more space for apps and extra
large screen for viewing movies, reading stories and playing games. ( not to forget the HD quality).

The curvy ends and tampered edges give a smooth feel to the device while the plastic casing gives nature based organic touch to it.( do not consider it cheap!) with solid gorilla glass protection.

The android operating system makes sure you get worth for the penny spent, enhancing the features of the device.

Few intelligent additions that could not go unnoticed:

1) Smart stay:
Indicated with eye logo on the top of the screen, the brightness on the display would be maintained as long as you are watching it. Your retina contact would keep the display on till you opt to switch your eye to some other entertainment.
2) Direct call:
Another sensor feature added is sensing your desire to call. Wondering how? While texting a friend you realize to call him and reach the screen t your ears,bingo! You are mind is read. As soon as you reach to your ears, call is made to your friend.
3) Smart alert:
This intelligent sensor would intimate your unnoticed actions like any missed calls or unread messages with a vibration alert so that you never again miss them.
4) Voice command:
Though nothing new it just responds to your voice commands which could be to answer a call or take a photo.
5) S beam:
It’s a cloud service which would let you transfer photos, messages, pictures and videos with your SIII counterparts.
6) Buddy photo share:
One of the most advanced photo sharing feature that would identify your friend’s faces and share the picture with them instantly.( so I no longer have to tag people in my list).
7) Pop up play:
Lets you go multi-tasking. Text the friend while watching an HD movie. One of the amazing additions for humans of course!
8) 4G:
What else you could ask for in this fast paced world? It’s support for fastest carrier would just keep you ahead with the fastest technology.

Samsung s III surely counts itself under high end smartphones with price above 800$ and features with no measurable value.

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